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42M Jobs

Retail's Impact: Retail supports 1 in 4 American jobs.


retail locations in USA.

$2.6 Trillion

in total GDP impact. USA

Nothing can stop the shift to online shopping.

E-commerce sales are booming, up 15.5% versus a year ago. Online sales make up 9.1% of all retail, up from 8.2% a year ago. E-commerce will continue to slowly take market share from brick-and-mortar stores.

E-commerce sales in the third quarter jumped 15.5% from a year ago, to $115 billion seasonally adjusted, a new record, according to the Commerce Department.

The number of online shoppers will grow from 1.46 billion in 2015 to 2 billion in 2020. With the rise of consumers, number of businesses will also increase.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a self employed entrepreneur or small scale manufacturer, if you want to increase revenues and reach more customers, an online store/marketplace is the way to go.

Collective action will be increasingly crucial to sustaining balance in the digital economy.

Blockchain technology is poised to fundamentally alter the retail industry. Yet, many retailers have not taken the steps necessary to understand how the technology can help their business and what will be required to embrace blockchain thinking and technology.

Retailers should begin collaborating with external stakeholders and partners on joint projects to stress-test how and where blockchain’s distributed ledger and shared infrastructure, in combination with smart contracts, can fit into their businesses. Retailers that move aggressively will enjoy an early advantage by converting analog and labor intensive tasks into digitally-automated processes.

Any retailer seeking to capitalize on blockchain’s potential to increase operational efficiency and enable new business models and client solutions should join Bleexy Blockchain Commerce Alliance.

Early adopters will influence the development of networks and consortia, including the choice of participants and governance rules.


Why do companies join blockchain consortia? For some, consortia represent a low-risk effort to stay current on blockchain trends, learn what competitors are doing, defend against potential new threats, and prepare to implement the technology should they decide to.

Ultimately, blockchain consortia form as a consequence of the technology itself. Although a distributed ledger can have an immediate positive impact even between two businesses, it derives more utility from network effects: The greater the number of users, the more valuable the technology is to all of them.

Consortia allow companies to take advantage of blockchain network effects from day one, by providing a vehicle to create a governance structure around this collaboration, often among players that compete against one other. Consequently, in order to use blockchain effectively, most enterprises need to be part of a consortium.


Consortium blockchains

In a consortium blockchain, the consensus process is controlled by a pre-selected group. The right to read the blockchain and submit transactions to it may be public or restricted to participants. Consortium blockchains are considered to be “permissioned blockchains” and are best suited for use in business.

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Benefits of blockchain

Fewer Intermediaries

Blockchain is a true peer-to-peer network that will reduce reliance on some types of third-party intermediaries.

Faster Processes

Blockchain can speed up process execution in multi-party scenarios – and allow for faster transactions that aren’t limited by office hours.


Information in blockchains is viewable by all participants and cannot be altered. This will reduce risk and fraud, and create trust.


Distributed ledgers will provide quick ROI by helping businesses create leaner, more efficient, and more profitable processes.


The distributed and encrypted nature of blockchain mean it will be difficult to hack. This shows promise for business security.


Blockchain is programmable – which will make it possible to automatically trigger actions, events, and payments once conditions are met.

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